A Family Update

Hey everyone!

Ashleigh and I sincerely hope you are doing well. You may be wondering, and it is okay if you weren’t, where we have been. So consider this a family update!

Wilder’s Birth:
In September 2017 we welcomed our second son, Wilder, into the world. We now have two boys that are learning what it is to walk in the season they are in. There have been sleepless nights, sleepy days, and learning again what it is to love someone with vary little capacity to give anything at all.

A Slow Winter & A Broken Toe: 
The short truth is.. I seem to have a  break down after each child’s birth. Wilder had a brief NICU stay with a heart murmur hours after his birth, just in time for the reality of a slow winter ahead to set in. Both scenarios seemed to leave me wrestling again for the control over my life that I frankly don’t have. It was all in God’s hands, and I needed to learn lessons that, until confronted with, I often choose not to learn.  I needed time to wrestle, space to stop running. I needed the gift of God’s provision outside of my timing or control. Well, our Father knows what we need, and He literally broke my toe to give me some desperately needed space.

Photo by Andrea Daugherty

The Mast Collective:
In 2015 we wrestled with a lot of painful decisions regarding our business, and ultimately the decision was made to split our wedding and commercial brands. This was an incredibly powerful decision in hindsight. In 2018 we are still wrestling with a lot of those questions as we move forward in launching The Mast Collective. In many ways I can’t believe it has been two years since we first started dreaming of what this could look like. But this is finally the year. We are currently creating a reel of our work, undergoing brand identity and launching the new website.

Learning to Create Deep Work:
One of the greatest gifts I have been given in this slower time is the gift of space to think and dream again. No matter how scary slow times can be.. they are necessary. After an amazing and God-ordained meeting with Andrei Belousov I read a book he recommended entitled Deep Work by Cal Newport. This book is incredibly valuable, I can’t overstate enough the impact it has had on the way I view my work, my time, and my space to create. In fact I’m writing this blog post because of some of the things I learned in that book.

K+A Films:
As we look toward 2018 we are filled with gratitude that you have encouraged our hearts, believed in our vision, and decided to follow our story. I’m very excited for the weddings that we have been given for the year. This is also the first year we have attempted to only take 15 weddings. With the bulk of our wedding season kicking off in May/June, we are aiming to release some more personal posts between now and then. Please stay tuned, and again, we can’t thank you all enough!

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