Mitch + Lindsey

Hey everyone!

Kent Mast here, sharing with you one of our favorite weddings of all time. Have you ever met people that you could instantly connect with? Mitch + Lindsey were those people. From our first phone call I knew this wedding was going to be truly incredible. They LOVE each other. And it is this honest, real, vulnerable, authentic love that shines through every single moment of their wedding film. They fight for each other, they desire more for each other, and they are crazy about a man named Jesus and His Kingdom come to this earth. God was so good in giving us these people to capture. And I got to use a John Lucas track… Head over heals. True story – I watched this film again just because I apparently wanted to cry.

// Press HD, press play, hit pause, let it buffer, hit play. Enjoy! //

Venue: Riverdale Manor
Photographer: Jenna Brianne Trostle
Coordinator: Monica Wagner
DJ: Regan Hershey
Florist: Petals with Style
Catering: Thyme and Seasons Catering

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